Affordable Flat-Fee (No Surprise) Digital Marketing Services

My consultancy was founded on the principal that professional digital marketing services should be available to all businesses, regardless of their size and budget. Right now, in the United States alone, there are more than 28.8 million registered small businesses, that employ almost 60 million Americans.  The small business sector accounts for 99.7% of all business Read more about Affordable Flat-Fee (No Surprise) Digital Marketing Services[…]

Why Content is Essential to Brand Marketing

Marketers are constantly looking for unique ways to create a relationship and influence purchase decision through brand communications.  Thanks predominantly to the internet, advertising has changed rapidly in the last twenty years in tandem with the increased number of brand and service options that consumers now have access to.  The business model has changed; you Read more about Why Content is Essential to Brand Marketing[…]

What is Mobile Marketing?

A quick trip to the grocery store will convince you that the world has gone mobile.  Whether you are looking at parents who are scrolling through their grocery list on a smartphone, or children riding in the cart or walking beside, glued to a tablet or iPod, the world has irrefutably changed.  The smartphone or Read more about What is Mobile Marketing?[…]

How Your Blog Engages Customers

  Independent business owners and larger brands face the same challenges when it comes to utilizing one of the most valuable tools on a website; the blog.  Finding time to share and then write creative content for a blog is challenging, particularly when it is not always clear how a blog can tangibly effect your Read more about How Your Blog Engages Customers[…]