Small Businesses Can Afford to Outsource Social

Social Me Multimedia was founded on the principal that professional digital marketing services should be available to all businesses, regardless of their size and budget. Right now, in the United States alone, there are more than 28.8 million registered small businesses, that employ almost 60 million Americans.  The small business sector accounts for 99.7% of all business entities, in the United States. While we do manage enterprise and national brands, we remain an affordable resource for small businesses.

If you are a small business owner, you know what it is like to take your passion, skills and interests, and cultivate a saleable product or service.  Small business owners master what it takes to scale up, on a lean budget, and build a successful enterprise.  But when it comes to digital marketing, many small business owners feel that professional level content marketing and social media management are out of reach.

Having worked with larger agencies on international brand projects, we know what a premium agency will charge a small business owner.  There is a gap between what agencies are willing to provide, and what small businesses can afford.  And that’s where our team at Social Me Multimedia, bridges that gap, by making essential digital marketing services affordable, for small business.  And we’ve been doing it consistently for our clients, since 2009.

What Can We Do for Your Business?

There are many aspects to cultivate a successful digital footprint for your brand, on social media.   As a small business owner, you may have attempted to run your own social media accounts, but coming up with engaging and informative posts every day, to grow your online audience, is a challenge.  Creatively, and administratively, small business owners rarely have the personal time to dedicate to making the most out of the opportunity of social media communication.

Website ranking matters. Unless you are adding content monthly to your blog, search engines will not prioritize your website; that makes it harder for customers to find you online.   Do you have the time to write 4-6 informative, fun to read and interesting blog posts every month for your site?  Don’t worry… few business owners do, which is why outsourcing an affordable social media management service makes sense.

Online reviews are critical to helping other customers find your business locally, and positive reviews help influence a purchase decision.  Potential customers want to read about the service experience that other consumers have had with your business, before they buy or visit your location.  Are you encouraging your customers to leave reviews?  Are you taking the time to positively and professionally respond to every review?  These things take time, but are essential to growing your marketing ecosystem.

Flat-Fee Service Bundles for Small Businesses 

Small business owners that have ventured to large marketing agencies, often suffer a true ‘sticker shock’ when it comes to service fees.  Most digital marketing agencies focus on large brands, with large teams, and even larger budgets.   Does that mean that small businesses are excluded from professional digital marketing services?  It can feel that way sometimes, because large agencies aren’t interested in small businesses with small budgets.

For the record, we think that’s unfair.  We love working with small and medium sized business owners, and we understand that they need a combination of value added digital marketing services, at a price point that is affordable.  One that will allow them to work long-term with our team, to actualize their brand strategy and goals.   While large digital marketing agencies charge add-on fees for virtually everything, we have an innovative approach that small business owners love; a flat-fee bundle with no surprises, and all the services your business needs to be Social Me Multimedia.

We know that business needs and circumstances can change.  Unlike big marketing agencies, we don’t attempt to lock in our clients at a rate they can’t afford, with a predatory contract and cancellation penalties.  Our plans are flexible; move up, or down at any time, with thirty-days notice.  We can even pause your services with us, if required.   We work with our clients to make outsourcing a rewarding and service focused experience.

Start today by contacting us for a free consultation.  Talk to one of our accredited marketing managers about your brand and promotional goals.  Social Me Multimedia will help you find an affordable marketing management package, that helps you grow your business.  One that allows you to work long-term with our creative team, to realize your brand objectives and sales goals.

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