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How many times have you sat with a marketing professional, and tried to explain the rudimentary priority of your business? Impressions? They are awesome. They don’t pay the bills. Engagements? They are great too. But not if they don’t result in some kind of monetized transaction. Something that pays you back for your hard work. Funnels do that, FYI.

I have sat through so many meetings over the past twenty years as a marketing professional. Since 2008, so much has changed in the way that brands promote online. Building a website and throwing a little periodic content on it used to be the golden ticket. Now, you won’t even get into the parking lot of the chocolate factory.

But you’ll still see your fair share of Oompa Loompa’s telling you you’ll get there eventually. If you keep doing the ‘regular online marketing’ things that everyone else is doing. They usually come in the form of extremely high-priced SEO consultants. Or talented self-taught developers who decided to wake up one day and call themselves a marketing and brand expert. No education is required!

[insert blank stare]

Funnels! One of the best things you can do if you aren’t familiar with the potential of funnels is to join the ClickFunnels group on Facebook. ClickFunnels is one of the most expensive software platforms and tools to create funnel pages that convert to sales, or subscribers. But the Facebook group is ‘newbie friendly’ and you can learn a lot by asking questions and get valuable free advice.

What is a Product Funnel Anyhow?

You arrive at a landing page. It gives you all the information you need to know about a specific product. The paragraphs are short, and the language is no-nonsense and easy to read. You scroll down a little further on the page, and there may be a great video.

On the funnel page you will find information about pricing, and then a fast and easy way to:

a) request more information

b) buy the product

c) share the page on your own social networks

The psychology behind a funnel page is pretty simple. People want to quickly find and buy or sign up for things they want or need. That means an easy-to-read and visually engaging page. No fluff stuff! The page is designed to be a clear funnel to the objective, with as few distractions as possible.

The objective is the purpose of the page. Ultimately, you may want your audience to read the content and then take advantage of a call to action (CTA) to take the next step. On some funnel pages, that might be to fill out a contact form. Funnel pages are the best way to generate leads for your sales team.

The CTA could also be a special offer, to sign up for a coupon or rebate. Funnel pages are also an effective way to sell subscription boxes or services for cosmetics, supplements, groceries, pet supplies, swag boxes, and even a cheese or cigar of the month club!

What Does it Take to Set Up a Funnel Page?

We work with an in-house developer to deliver high-performance lead or sales funnel pages. We’ve been doing it for years, so we have the experience to create a new sales asset for your business. No matter what your objective is, we can design funnels that turn website or social media traffic into sales, lead generation or engagement that makes your business money.

And one of the great things about creating one or more product funnel pages is that you can see the results. The funnel creates a simple journey for your customer through the stages of discovery, information, engagement, and action. Every day you will be able to see the results of your new product funnel; those engagements land right in your inbox. As sales, subscribers, or requests for information from your sales team.

How We Help Your Business Design Funnel Pages That Work

There are many different types of software that you can use to set up a funnel page. But where the expertise comes in, is in the design and implementation of that page into your marketing strategy. Sure, you could get yourself a Hubspot subscription and set one up. And it could sit there… unloved, unshared, and unviewed.

Or you could work with our marketing team to build something that makes a difference in your sales process and potential. We do more than “consult” on effective content marketing and promotional techniques.

We provide:

  • Strategy research and competitive review (what are your competitors doing right now?)
  • Development and design of the product funnel page. We make eye catching professional designs.
  • Search engine optimized (SEO) landing page copy. We make it easy for your target customers or B2B prospective clients to find your funnels online.
  • Customer service integration. We’ll help you organize what happens in your organization when conversions come through the page with suggestions about effective administrative processes. Make sure those conversions get to the next step in the customer journey, where you can ‘close’ the opportunity and make a transaction. Or enroll the customer in a loyalty program and email marketing for future promotions.

Throughout the process, your team can review and make suggestions so that your product funnels reflect your brand vision and voice. We work collaboratively with your in-house team to create the first page and then reflect on opportunities to develop other funnel pages to help you grow.

Find a Marketing Consultant That is Driven to Make More Money for Your Business

It sounds mercenary. You want to hire someone that gets excited about the idea of making more money for you. Someone who looks at the creative challenge of finding new ways to increase traffic, conversions, and revenues. Like it is fun. Because it is if you are a passionate marketing professional.

Our reputation relies on getting results. Increasing traffic? Great. Increasing conversions? Awesome! Reducing costs while increasing conversions… that kind of consultant is a keeper. Because getting better results while not breaking your bank is harder work. But it’s also a performance metric, indicating you are working with a contractor who actually cares about your business.

Your business needs to make money. So, if you are working with a consultant who is giving you all these complex analytical reports that you don’t understand? And they aren’t able to connect those analytics to how your business actually makes more money? You’re working with the wrong consultant.

The right consultant will be part of your team. Communicate frequently. Innovate fresh ideas constantly. Create a strategy that builds your conversion rate. Which is what really matters. Sales. Subscribers. Enrollment. Ticket sales. And create measurable, transparent, and reportable growth trajectories.

Not working with someone like that? Send us an email:

We work within niche industries, where we have extensive experience. And if we are not the right person for the job, we’ll refer you to another provider who can deliver. Because we care about making sure that you get results.

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