Content Syndication

You’ve got amazing blog content.  Are you ready to put it to work as an optimized sales tool? Learn more about syndication.

Make room in your advertising budget for content syndication, because it is one of the lowest cost and highest yield methods of reaching new customers.  How does it work?  When you visit high authority media websites and recommended articles?  You click on them right?  Those suggested content pieces are brands that are using high-quality non-advertorial content articles as an effective way to increase website traffic to their domain. Think of it like fishing.  You cast an interesting article out where you know your target market is reading other great content, and then bring them home to your website.  If you have clicked on ‘recommended articles’ you already know it works.

Multichannel Marketing

Develop a strategy to have all critical elements of digital marketing working together for two outcomes; increased brand awareness and revenue growth. 

Marketing on more than one channel of content distribution multiplies the number of potential customers your business can reach.  Where many brands lose sales and customer recruitment opportunities, is when they are sporadic in their participation on these channels.  We’ll help you identify the most important platforms and networks, and the type of content you should be sharing.  Then, we automate some of the processes that allow for an integrated flow of content between all opportune channels.  Your website will work with a chat bot, which works with your email marketing system, which works with your social media posts, with strategically placed keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) to help your business rank for the most profitable terms.  And that means more traffic + sales.