Are You Missing Out on Video Advertising? Tips for Using Video to Grow Your Small Business

Every time you browse on Google or Bing, or spend time in Facebook or another social media channel, you are inundated with sponsored advertising. Did you know that some studies revealed the average consumer is shown up to 5,000 promotional ad’s or images daily? It’s no wonder that advertisers are finding it more difficult to create engagement, or response through advertising. Customers can become almost immune to standard types of advertising, including radio, television and print. They are starting to simply tune it out.

Video advertising works, because watching a video is fun and easy. No matter where you are, or what device you are using (laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone), it’s hard to resist the temptation to press the ‘play’ button on a video in your social media feed. That impulse is what makes video marketing your best and most effective resource, for branding, special sales and promotions, or event advertising.

Videos Can Be Expensive and Time Consuming to Produce for Business Owners

Full length feature videos can cost a lot, if you are using them for television advertising. But creating videos about a product or service, for sharing on social media, is fast and easy. Two of our digital marketing flat-fee bundles include the production of what we call ‘social shorts’; small videos of under one minute in length, that showcase your services, or products, or special event.

Our creative team can provide 1-2 videos per month, to help you engage more customers on social media. Our short videos can be pinned to the top of your Facebook page, so that it is the first thing that every visitor to your page sees. Talk about a lively introduction to your business!

We can also help train you or your staff, to engage in professional Facebook live stream videos, and help you target pay-per-click advertising campaigns to anyone who watched your video. You earned the customers attention with a fun video, now you can offer them a special incentive, coupon or VIP perk for visiting your business, or website. This two-prong approach to video marketing is highly effective in most service and retail industries; and our team can help you accomplish it.

If you would like longer video productions, such as a detailed explainer video, we can help you accomplish that too, with our add-on creative services. Contract clients receive a 30% discount on larger creative projects, including long-videos, website design, and literature production, including downloadable e-books, flyers and brochures.

Ask us for more details, by scheduling your free consultation with our creative team. At Social Me Multimedia, we excel at helping small and medium sized businesses level the playing field, with strategic content marketing services that help you grow your digital footprint, and sales potential.


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