February 4, 2016

Flat-Fee WordPress Website Design + SEO

Your business needs a high quality website, but the cost of having a custom designed site is often prohibitive for small and medium sized business owners.  So much so, that often we meet business owners who have tried “do-it-yourself’ template driven options.  Unfortunately most “out of the can” turnkey website models do not perform as well as a professionally designed site.  Did you know that they are frequently penalized or not indexed well by search engines like Google and Bing?  That creates an uphill climb for brands who want to be found online; if your website isn’t being indexed, it is far harder for potential customers to find you.

Average website design services can run a small business owner from $5,000 to more then twenty thousand dollars, depending on the facets of your site.  While some websites for e-commerce carts, handling secure online transactions and large databases require a more intricate design and security set up, the average small and medium sized business owner requires something less complicated.  Something that looks great, is easy to navigate and one that showcases your products or services in a way that generates the business leads you need to grow.

Our Small Business Website Solution 

  • Assistance with the purchase of a website domain.
  • Free website hosting for a year.
  • Fifteen hours of consulting and coordination time to personalize your site.
  • Sitelock security installation.
  • Roll back website restoration software.
  • Premium WordPress website.
  • Installation of SSL certificate for secure online transactions.
  • Free WordPress site administration training for owners and staff.
  • All content and landing pages (including four blog posts to get you started).



You are going to love our prices! Our turn-key website assistance is offered at a flat-fee.    A hosting charge  is required after twelve months, or we’ll help you secure your own private hosting, with a small transfer administrative fee, should you wish to independently host your site.

Advantages for Small Business Owners

  • You own the site, with no monthly charges.
  • You can edit your site at any time.
  • You receive free training on managing your own website independently.
  • You receive a 25% discount on all social media management and content production services from Social Me Multimedia.

The Fine Print

Social Me Multimedia assumes no personal or business liability for security breach, data comprise or other damages as a result of malicious attacks on the domain or the digital collateral.  Hosting and security services are furbished through GoDaddy.com, an industry leader in digital marketing products and software.  The client retains ownership and liability for the content of the website and financial transactions.