February 4, 2016

Social Media Bundles

Sharing on social media is essential for all businesses, small and large.  If your business is present on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest on an infrequent basis, you are inadvertently sending a negative message to your existing and potential customers.  Consumers today expect to engage actively with the brands, products and services they love.

Small and medium sized business can access high-quality, professional social media management and content services with one of our affordable flat-fee bundle.  If our service fees seem a little too good to be true, that’s because we understand what it is like to be a small business.  We are family owned and operated, and we share the dream of growing a small business too! Our flat-fee service approach is to help small and medium sized business owners access the benefit of an in-house marketing team, without the cost of hiring a large agency.  Pay for the services you need, without add-on’s or up-selling.

Our flat-fee service bundles are designed to fit every budget and digital marketing need.  Whether you need personal support to capitalize on your personal branding, or a team ready to help you take your business from concept to market, you will love the hands-on approach and customer service.  Our flat-fee bundles offer flexibility with month-to-month service and no scary long-term contract to worry about.  You can cancel your contract with thirty (30) days notice, increase your service bundle to a higher level, or decrease it depending on your budget and business needs.

How is that for putting the customer first?

Explore our flexible flat-fee social media bundles below, and contact us for more information.  For North Texas clients, we can arrange a meeting at your location.  For international or out-of-state clients, we’ll be happy to schedule a web conference with you on Skype, so that you can meet us and talk about your unique digital marketing goals and service needs.

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