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Independent business owners and larger brands face the same challenges when it comes to utilizing one of the most valuable tools on a website; the blog.  Finding time to share and then write creative content for a blog is challenging, particularly when it is not always clear how a blog can tangibly effect your bottom line.  Does a blog increase sales?  Does it create a concise funnel of customers to create inquiries about your product or service?  How exactly does a blog make you money and why is it work the investment?

Providing SEO Value

Unless you are an search engine and digital traffic specialist, it can be a little hard to understand how search engine results work.  For the two largest search engines in the world (Google and Bing) there are algorithms that constantly crawl content and millions of pages daily on the web.  What they are looking for is a specific criteria of items that differentiate your website from other domains that have low quality, or even artificial content.

Have you ever landed on a website that appears to be a mess, with very little written content?  Those are the websites that Google, Bing and other search engines want to penalize so that they do not come up first in search (regardless of how many keywords have been embedded in the content to game the system).  From the year 2005 on particularly, brands and small businesses created artificial “splash” pages with links to websites that they wanted elevated in search.  This cheating method successfully worked for about eight years, until the search engines began to level the playing field, and penalize websites who bought, sold or created artificial back links.  Today, some brands are still struggling to remove back links (one at a time) to reduce or improve the penalty that is impeding search on their site.

With all the algorithms in play, there are a few ways that your blog helps to elevate your search ranking (or how easy it is for customers to find you online).

  1. Provides new content on a regular basis to your website.
  2. Provides the opportunity to add high quality meta tagged images to your site.
  3. Enables you to enjoy ‘likes’ or comments on your blog articles from customers.
  4. Allows for the social media sharing of interesting blog articles or posts.

Every one of the four advantages weigh favorably for organic search.  They are essential to ensure that your website will not be buried on page 500 of Google (we call that the search graveyard).  If you already have a blog on your website, you should be using it at least once per week, and adding high quality, interesting content that is easy to read.  The recommended minimum length for a blog post is four hundred (400) words, so it does not have to be lengthy to work.  It does have to be consistent though, and websites that blog more frequently enjoy higher organic search results.

Sharing Your Culture and Brand

The blog is an essential piece for any brand or service to share what is unique about their culture.  Today, consumers expect to have an intimate relationships with the products and services they use weekly.   By sharing a good mix of product, promotion and other endearing posts (charitable events, special staff occasions or recognition) you communicate that you are the kind of company that everyone loves to work for, and one that customers can feel about buying from.

How can you share your culture appropriately on your blog?  Here are some ideas to consider:

  • New product or service announcements.
  • Industry awards and announcements.
  • Charitable or social events with staff.
  • Insightful articles about your industry.
  • Social good.

Hiring a full-time marketing communications professional is expensive, but you can easily outsource your social media content and blogging with an affordable flat-fee bundle, that ensures your business is getting the most out of organic search opportunities.  Contact us to discuss your digital marketing and content management needs.

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