Social Media Mayhem? Why All Channels Makes No Sense for Business

I came across this image and I thought it brilliantly demonstrated the breadth of social media offerings.  Do you operate under the misconception that you have to contribute to every single one of these networks on a weekly basis?  The idea may sound preposterous to some people but for sales and marketing, public relations and other media professionals[…]

Why Content is Essential to Brand Marketing

Marketers are constantly looking for unique ways to create a relationship and influence purchase decision through brand communications.  Thanks predominantly to the internet, advertising has changed rapidly in the last twenty years in tandem with the increased number of brand and service options that consumers now have access to.  The business model has changed; you[…]

What is Mobile Marketing?

A quick trip to the grocery store will convince you that the world has gone mobile.  Whether you are looking at parents who are scrolling through their grocery list on a smartphone, or children riding in the cart or walking beside, glued to a tablet or iPod, the world has irrefutably changed.  The smartphone or[…]